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If your children begin to show signs early on of dedication and hard work, the field of entrepreneurship may be one of the most rewarding career paths they can take. Without pushing them to pursue something they aren’t interested in, gauge their reactions to new and exciting opportunities. There are many instances in which you can introduce entrepreneurial skills to your child, and doing so can instill a passion that will last a lifetime.

The title of “entrepreneur” can be confusing and somewhat vague in the eye’s of a child, and the idea of being an astronaut or firefighter is often much more alluring. However, phrasing the title as “someone who changes the world” usually gets their attention, and is only an exaggeration in the slightest.

In order to expose them to the world of entrepreneurship, don’t hesitate to take your children to work with you. Show them what your business does, how you go about your daily routine, and how you present yourself in a professional environment. Encourage them to ask you questions when they aren’t exactly sure what it is you’re doing. Explaining the ins and outs of entrepreneurship to them is a great form of education. While this is certainly not a strategy to implement every single day, it can give your child a glimpse into their potential future.

Allow them to be involved with entrepreneurial projects that you take part in. Not only will this teach them about the subject, but they’ll see that being an entrepreneur entails helping people as well; an innate characteristic that all children possess. With that said, raise them to see entrepreneurs as their real-life superheroes. While idolizing Superman and Batman at young age is perfectly acceptable, help them understand that the heroes that actually exist are those that help others, and how many entrepreneurs fit that title.

Make business conversations a regular part of your household, knowing when this topic is and isn’t appropriate. After all, being seen as just a business person rather than a parent in your child’s eyes can be extremely damaging to the relationship. But, you should be able to openly discuss your goings-ons at work, so long as they are appropriate for younger ears. Ask for their input when you are faced with a problem at your workplace, or when you’re starting a new project. Though you may not be expecting the greatest feedback, seeing the task from a new perspective could provide some surprisingly valuable advice, of which children have more than you think.

As mentioned, there certainly should be a line drawn between business and family time, but allowing your children to have some insight into your regular business practices can prove beneficial. Inspiring them to become an entrepreneur is as easy as showing them how much you enjoy your job, as well as explaining the hardships and difficulties, of course. Without forcing them to enter a field in which they have no interest, encourage them to develop positive daily habits, and show them just how rewarding entrepreneurship can be.