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For charitable people who wish to make a difference, especially in the lives of children, doing so entails countless strategies from donating money, to volunteering time and effort. However, these strategies can differ greatly when visiting foreign countries. Making a difference and choosing to make beneficial decisions no matter where you are in the world is one of many traits attributed to a philanthropist. When visiting countries that may be impoverished or have areas in which children are living in less than desirable conditions, consider any of the following ways you can help.

Do Your Research

Unfortunately, there are a number of scamming organizations that claim to be charities in third-world countries and areas in similar conditions. Knowing how to differentiate these from the programs instilled to truly help their respective communities is the first step in making the right decisions. For a few resources, see this list on charities in foreign countries that have been approved by ChildSafe, and are making an impact in their countries.

Teach English

You’d be amazed at just how beneficial helping children practice a language other than their native tongue can be. Sitting down with students or children learning the language in their spare time can help them sharpen these skills, which can be applied to many aspects of their lives, setting them up for the most success possible in the working world. Most countries have several programs established in which visitors can donate their time to simply conversing with the young students, which can even help you as a tourist learn more about the country’s culture.

Support Local Businesses

A great way to boost the local economy in the country you’re visiting is to visit the community’s local restaurants and businesses. By doing so, you are supporting the goods and services provided by small business owners in the area, who provide job opportunities for young adults looking to earn their own wages. Your contributions to these countries can help fund youth programs and organizations founded in their areas to offer better opportunities for children in countless ways.

Continue Donating Once Home

Just because your trip has ended and you are no longer within the borders of the country you wish to help does not mean that you can no longer do your part. Research charities that dedicate their efforts to improving the lives of children around the world. For example, PeaceJam is an organization that promotes the education and growth of young adults to one day become leaders in their respective fields. Become a child sponsor through any number of organizations. Through this, you can donate money, clothing, food, and much more while also developing a meaningful relationship with your sponsored child, equipping them with the tools and social skills needed to succeed in life.