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Encouraging children to put forth charitable efforts or get involved in charitable organizations can be an extremely rewarding practice for both them, and you as a parent. Participating in fundraising in particular is a great way to promote selflessness. However, it’s important to note that any children involved must want to take part in these activities. So, be sure to make them fun and engaging, easily understandable, and of course, safe.

Any of the following ideas mentioned should not limit you to just these. Get creative with how you and your children can take part in a fundraiser, possibly according to their hobbies or interests.

Scavenger Hunt

An activity that can be fun for both kids and adults, scavenger hunts can bring communities together, and even promote a common goal. Create a theme that is relative to your cause. For example, if the funds raised are being donated to a children’s hospital, make the items hidden around the area medical related, which, when all items are found, create a medicine necessary to fight a certain disease. Beforehand, be sure to establish a registration fee, either online or in a community heavily populated with parents and children.

Bake Sale

Many children have a sweet tooth to some extent, so why not combine their love of desserts with baking, and giving? Holding a bake sale is great way to not only raise money for a charitable cause, but also a great way to teach children the rewarding feeling of generosity. Whether you are baking cookies, cupcakes, or muffins with your children, they receive a great sense of selflessness in giving away something they made for others. Host a bake sale at your local school, hospital, or community center to bring your neighborhood together by donating.


Setting up a short marathon where participants are encouraged to walk can be a great fundraising idea for health-related causes and issues, while also promoting exercise among children and adults. The most difficult aspect of this may be finding the right location. Work with your city officials to find the best, safest possible route. Be sure to promote your walkathon through flyers, signs around your community, and online once your location is confirmed to get as many people to come out as possible.

Talent Show

Encourage all children in your local community to showcase their talents on stage, no matter how experienced they are. Musicians, magicians, gymnasts, and artists alike can perform in front of their friends and family members for a good cause, and you can donate the funds raised at the door to a charity of your choice.