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Not every business is a cold-hearted machine solely dedicated to the pursuit of profits. Listed below are several businesses that are working to change the world in their own way.


This inexpensive bedding brand uses all-natural materials to fabricate linens. Most of Threaded’s factories happen to be woman-run installations within India. These factories operate by recycling their water resources and solar cell electricity.

Globe In

This subscription box company offers handmade, fair trade home goods sourced from across the planet. GlobeIn has used its influence to feed starving American children, give jobs to the homeless of Malaysia, protect Rwandan elephants and ensured that disabled Cambodian artists receive their due.

Bright Endeavors

This Chicago-based enterprise seeks to help young homeless and impoverished mothers by way of a job training program, showing how to make soy candles.

Golden Door Spa

This California locale donates all of its proceeds to charities like the “I Have a Dream Foundation,” and the “Whole Planet Foundation.” This includes the money earned from their online store, as well.

Turkey on the Table

This company was started by a pair of moms with the goal of educating others on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It accomplishes this mission by selling activity kits that encourage thankfulness throughout November. Every kit sold garners $1 to “Feeding America.”

Join Trafalgar

Trafalgar is a travel brand with its own nonprofit arm. Join Trafalgar’s objective is to support local communities across the globe in a way that sustains the region’s natural merits. Concerned travelers can look to Join Trafalgar’s “Be My Guest” program, which offers natively sourced food, contact with local artists, and a hands-on lesson about new cultures.

Alter Eco

This organic chocolatier repays the farmers and replants the lands where its product comes from. One of its products, the Alter Eco Holiday Gift Box, which offers a wide array of sumptuous confections, included the replanting of a tree within the Peruvian Amazon with every purchase.

The Body Shop

This chain of organic and cruelty-free cosmetics stores was among the first recipients of “Leaping Bunny” certification and recently signed a petition, containing over eight million signatures, sent to the United Nations to stop global animal testing.

Laughing Man Coffee

Thespian Hugh Jackman established this philanthropic company to ensure that coffee farmers are fairly paid and can grow their crops in sustainable ways around the world.