Recently, residents of the Carolinas were faced with the challenging Hurricane Florence. Currently, the affected natives of these states are grappling with devastating floods. They are now struggling with cleaning up, rebuilding business, enterprises, and homes, and repairing the broken materials of their residential communities.

Many Americans and people around the world have empathized with the affected citizens and wish to lend a helping hand to allow them to settle back down. Sending donations in the form of money is the most effective and efficient way to help those affected by a disaster like Hurricane Florence. However, some of the potential well-wishers may be having challenges when it comes to finding a convenient way of sending their donations. The following are some of the most appropriate charitable organizations that you can use to send your donations. Importantly, donors should ensure that they do enough research on the organization that they intend to send their donations to.

  1. The Diaper Bank of North Carolina

Located in Durham, this organization has engaged itself in collecting donations that are meant to take care of feminine hygiene related materials and the diapers for children and the residents that were displaced by the Hurricane. Donors are asked to voluntarily send their donations of sanitary pads, diapers, and wipes. One can even buy items on the Amazon Wish List set up by the group.

  1. The Red Cross

The Red Cross is an internationally recognized charitable organization. The body has prepared to assist an average of 100,000 people who were affected by the storm across the Carolinas. The Red Cross has thus far sent out supplies, equipment, meals, vehicles, and cleanup kits to the affected area. The organization is able to receive donations online or by sending a text message with the words “REDCROSS” to 90999, which allows a $10 donation. Also, volunteers can donate to the organization by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS.

  1. United Way

The president of the United Way, Mary Sellers, said that the group was fully prepared to support its local associates with disaster response. She also noted that people had an obligation to think of the long-lasting impacts of the Hurricane Florence. She argued that people should have learned lessons from past storm incidences such as Hurricane Harvey, Maria, and Irma. The United Way is asking for donations that cater to long-term recovery efforts from the most recent Hurricane’s effects.