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Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

Social media outlets are often useful tools that entities such as nonprofit organizations can utilize to help promote their message and build a brand. This short blog highlights several tips such establishments might employ to accomplish those tasks. Put Services Into Action Nonprofits can maximize the use of social media sites by creating videos or […]

Hurricane Florence: How You Can Help Those Affected

Recently, residents of the Carolinas were faced with the challenging Hurricane Florence. Currently, the affected natives of these states are grappling with devastating floods. They are now struggling with cleaning up, rebuilding business, enterprises, and homes, and repairing the broken materials of their residential communities. Many Americans and people around the world have empathized with […]

The Best Programs for Children with Incarcerated Parents

When a prison or jail sentence breaks up a family, it’s hard on everyone, but it can be especially traumatic for younger children. They suddenly have to face the loss of a parent and, although the parent is still living, the family remains separated. For that reason, several organizations exist to help these children cope […]

Voluntourism: How to Give Back When Traveling

Many people are looking for new ways to contribute to their favorite social and environmental causes. That trend has led to voluntourism, the fairly new practice of combining vacations with activism. While this may be a new take on vacationing, it’s growing with social-conscious travelers spending an estimated $2 billion per year. Vacationers Should Investigate […]

Bills Fans Show Their Appreciation to Andy Dalton

The 17-year playoff drought has ended for the Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback Andy Dalton is partially responsible for that. After the Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins in the last game of the season, their shot at getting into the playoffs came down to the Bengals beating the Baltimore Ravens. With Baltimore leading by […]

NYC Food Charities to Donate to This Holiday Season

If you’re looking for a way to give back during the holiday season, then consider making a donation to one of the many food charities in New York City. Most of the charities in the city offer assistance to families that may be struggling to make ends meet, while also supporting their children. They often […]

How You Can Help California Wildfire Victims

The wildfires that tore through Southern California earlier this month have left heartache and devastation in their wake. The wild Santa Ana winds have brought a new and terrifying level of destruction to an already vulnerable landscape. The largest of the fires, the Thomas Fire, continues to burn in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. It […]

What to Donate During the Holidays

This time of year often prompts individuals to give more than they would in other calendar months. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other December holidays get us in the giving spirit regardless of what may or may not have. With that said, you do not have to have a six-figure salary in order to make a […]

Donating After a Disaster: Where to Spend Your Money

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, said that the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma combined could be up to $200 billion. Nearly a month after Harvey devastated South Texas, many hundreds continue to live in tent cities. Then, Hurricane Maria left up to $95 billion in damage in Puerto Rico where […]

The Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation and Its $2 Million Donation

The Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation has made a $2 million donation to Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. The announcement was made by the Carolinas HealthCare System, which indicated the funds would be used for research and academic goals in cancer and other blood disorders while creating an endowed chair for the Gordon charity. […]

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