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Victor Jung is a committed philanthropist from New York City

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image of child for victor jung's blog post, "why you should vacation with your kids."

Why You Should Vacation with Your Kids

Many people view summer vacation as a time to get away from all of their responsibilities, and enjoy themselves in their favorite location in the world. Though the idea of spending time alone can be alluring to some, spending time with one’s family is actually scientifically proven to be more fulfilling, and much more enjoyable. […]

Victor Jung

The Impact of Social Media on Children

It is no secret that technology is one of the most ubiquitous entities in our modern society. While this fact comes with countless benefits — from increased speed and efficiency in performing menial tasks to the introduction of life-saving technologies — its drawbacks are almost as plentiful. Take, for example, the Western world’s increasing dependence […]

Victor Jung

Teaching Children With Special Needs

Educators that have been trained to teach students with special needs are familiar with the challenges faced in this field, and are dedicated to helping said students receive the education they deserve. Learning disabilities can be any number of complications involving a child’s difficulty to read, write, or speak, and can be a challenge for […]


The Importance of Helping Child Immigrants

Two conversations about immigration are fresh in the American political conscience of today. The first: the Syrian refugee crisis, which has led to an influx of Syrian migrants throughout the middle east, Germany, and the United States. The second: the persistent flow of immigrants from Central America over the American border into the Southwestern United […]

Victor Jung

Fundraising Ideas for Your Children

Encouraging children to put forth charitable efforts or get involved in charitable organizations can be an extremely rewarding practice for both them, and you as a parent. Participating in fundraising in particular is a great way to promote selflessness. However, it’s important to note that any children involved must want to take part in these […]

Victor Jung

How to Help Children Around the World

For charitable people who wish to make a difference, especially in the lives of children, doing so entails countless strategies from donating money, to volunteering time and effort. However, these strategies can differ greatly when visiting foreign countries. Making a difference and choosing to make beneficial decisions no matter where you are in the world […]


4 of the Greatest Make-A-Wish Foundation Stories

Supported by tens of thousands of volunteers and donors, the Make-A-Wish Foundation dedicates its efforts to doing exactly as its name suggests: making wishes come true. The organization grants wishes to children suffering from life-threatening medical conditions all over the United States and its surrounding countries, and since its beginning in 1980, thousands of children’s […]

Victor Jung

How to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle for Children

Children can be extremely impressionable, and therefore require guidance when it comes to development. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of development is that of a healthy lifestyle. Habits that children may begin to solidify can often be difficult to change, so a healthy diet mixed with physical activity is important to instill early […]

Victor Jung

Top 5 Charities Supporting Children

A priority we as adults should always have is to develop a functioning society capable of acceptance and nourishment for the sake of our children. There are countless organizations today that strive to support children in some way, and choosing which to donate to can be overwhelming. However, rest assured that the following are some […]

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